1400% increase in leads and double sales in a month of rollout

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BuyForCharity specializes in selling high-profit, high-value fundraising products to schools, churches, youth sports leagues and other non-profit organizations across America

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Prior to engaging PCMS our primary online challenge was creating an effective sales funnel that would enable us to capture more qualified leads and increase online sales. Our old site looked good (not as good as it does now) but it was leaving leads on the table so to speak. We had another local firm convert our existing site but the site wasn't as functional and user-friendly as it should have been. That's where Software WORX came in.


Software WORX developed an integrated solution with CRM and CMS to enhance sales from existing traffic to the site.


Ryan Jordan: "This time last year we were capturing around 5 leads a day through our site. Since our site revamp with Software WORX, we are now capturing 50-75 leads a day, and it has only been a little over a month. This month, January, we will double our sales (offline and online combined) from the previous January (typically one of our slowest months of the year). We will also double our online sales from the previous January. I'm excited to see what the rest of the year holds."


Ryan Jordan: In addition to constantly thinking of new ways to improve the look, feel, flow and functionality of my site, Software WORX is focused on increasing sales for my business. That's what I consider them a business partner, not simply a vendor selling a service.