Non-profit organization with in-house design skills move to Drupal CMS

Client Description:

As a non-profit organization, Explo was anxious to move their site to a framework that non-technical users could manage and which also gave them flexibility to be able to later incorporate additional modularity and feature sets.  Drupal as an open-source CMS with a large developer base was an attractive option, however Explo needed a development company to deliver.  In house marketing and design team had the design requirements for the project.

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Explo had the following challenges:

  • Desired a pixel perfect implementation to the design internally approved
  • A fantastic price point (an non-profit organization)
  • A company who would understand requirements and create easily maintainable Drupal platform
  • Training for the use of Drupal post development


Simplify various HTML/CSS elements for pixel perfect implementation and leverage all existing relevant modules from Drupal. Train on use of CMS to grow content as deemed required internally.


Delivered project to requirements. Testimonial covers the results in more detail


"There were three major reasons that we decided to work with Software WORX.  Here they are in order of importance:

  1. They listen, understand, (and deliver!). During the bidding process, Software WORX was the only developer team that really took the time to listen and understand what we wanted to accomplish with our upgraded site and how we wanted to accomplish it.  They asked questions, offered advice, and offered suggestions for development in the short-term that would have cost-benefits on future developments we were planning.  All of this, and we hadn't even signed on with them yet.  Once awarded the contract, they did not disappoint . . .  Software WORX continually added value to our project beyond the initial RFP, and were quick to respond to.  
  2. Pixel perfect implementation.  This was really important to us, and Software WORX was the only developer to offer this guarantee in this price range.  We had internally developed a design and layout for our site, and wanted a developer team to turn that into a pixel perfect match.  They did.  Their merging of CSS and drupal talents is fantastic, efficient, and spot on.
  3. Fantastic Price Point. As a non-profit, we are a price sensitive organization.  Software WORX offered an extremely competitive project price – and in the end, I am certain we got much more from our contract with them than we would have gotten from other developers. We also appreciate their flexibility to contract additional work on either a project or hourly basis as needed..
  4. Timely.  Efficient.  Fast.
  5. Good people. Joe and his team are a pleasure to work with.  They check-in frequently throughout development. I felt supported and in-the-loop at all times.  It was the most pleasant development experience I've ever had.

I don't have any previous CMS experience to compare it with, but it has been fantastic to be able to make sweeping, site-wide alterations with minimal effort.

Everything has been great and we're in the process of gearing up for a second round of development that will begin to do some customer database integration and additional portal work.  We're very pleased and excited about the versatility of the Drupal platform."- Christian Housh, Director Marketing of Exploration.