SoftwareWorx worked to deliver on time and in budget while staying on top of all the many last minute changes we threw at them. We'll use them again.

– Tim Hall-Johnston

"Very complex site but very reasonable price, very accommodating staff even though we had constant changes and presented with new involved ideas which were always received with interest and positivity".

- Karen Glahn, Operations Manager, apls.org

"The Software WORX team have provided an outstanding service to us, helping APLS create a new website, new customer database and linked administrative processes with a lot of business automation which will save our company a lot of time and money in the long run. Their flexibility, understanding and conceptual ability to realise our business needs has been outstanding, and developers have been available more or less 24/7 in the week of our launch as we worked through urgent site updates. Both our clients and our staff are delighted with the final product, which is a great improvement both in quality and efficiency from what has gone before. This has been a major project for APLS, and Software WORX have implemented our needs exceptionally well.

- David Watton, Communications Office, apls.org

"Software WORX has been tremendously helpful, efficient and communicative as development partner for my social learning platform, SNAP. The team has gone out of its way to keep the project on track and the fresh ideas flowing. I am very grateful for their friendly service and expertise.

- Keith Kirkwood, Lecturer, Student Learning Unit,
School of Language and Learning, Victoria University

I have observed Joe to be a good problem solver while I worked with him as Product Manager for the MoneySaverHQ project. His work comes at good quality and value

Joe and his team have been an incredible resource for Torani. We've used Software Worx for a variety of projects- large and small. For more complex projects, Joe is always available to lend his expert advice and make every project seamless. Through the years, as our business grows more and more complex, Software Worx adapts to our needs- always coming in at or under budget. I would highly recommend working with Software Worx and wish I found them sooner

Joe's team worked very well under a immovable deadline, constantly changing scope, and complexity. Jo is a good communicator, and is very responsive. We would have no hesitation with using his company again

"We wanted:

- Fast implementation
- Open Source to control software costs
- Popular CMS system so that it would be easy to find programmers
- Linux / Unix based system so we could run them off of cloud hosting environments - and not be tied to any single provider.

Drupal has been:
Easy for end users / people that do day-to-day maintenance.
Quick learning curve for programmers

Software WORX stuck with us and kept their fixed price, even when the time requirements to complete the job ended up being over 4 times more than originally estimated -- there was tons and tons of detail work that required a tremendous amount of time".

David LeVine, aish.com

"We specialize in open source ERP software, so when we started looking into developing our site, we knew that we wanted to go with an open source platform. Joe and his team successfully created our website both on time and on budget, while always being available to answer endless questions. We are very happy with the work that Joe has done for us and will be continued customers".

Chuck is an ERP engineer with more than twelve years experience managing multi-national enterprise software, personnel and services. In 2003, Chuck was introduced to Compiere. In addition to serving as the Project Manager for the ERP implementation at Velocity Electronics, Chuck was also the company’s Director of Information Technology from 2001 to 2011. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University, where he earned a degree in Electrical Engineering with cum laude honors.

"In the first two months that my e-commerce site designed with Software WORX has been live, my daily traffic is easily double the level it was with my previous site, while the number of orders is already equal to that from the entire previous year. I am yet to implement many of the strategies we've discussed, and am extremely confident that results will rise exponentially from here once all strategies are bedded down.
A Drupal e-commerce site + strategies devised by Software WORX = a solid revenue generating machine."

Andrew Crellin, Managing Director of Sterling & Currency

They advertised pixel perfect Drupal installation from our initial designs, and they delivered! Most responsive drupal shop I've encountered -- listened, took the time to understand the project, and delivered. Created expectations on the stages of development, kept us informed, and employed the perfect of experts for our job. All this, and the price was right, too. I couldn't be more pleased, and will definitely use them again.

Christian Housh, Director at Explo.org

Numerous developers saw our vision for a collaboration community as lofty and unattainable, but once we talked with Software WORX, we knew we had a partner. From day one, they took an analytical approach to building our site and making the most efficient investment. Software WORX quickly understood our need to create a comprehensive, cost-effective solution that could manage a diverse body of users. The Team at Software WORX has an unparalleled, broad knowledge of the latest Drupal solutions, and they were not afraid to put them to work. Software WORX brought together state of the art technology with the simplicity we demanded in what can only be described as a holistic approach.

Incipi was driven by a vision, but Software WORX played a tremendous role in the actual realization of our goals. They listened to our ideas and developed a comprehensive solution which included everything from a new logo to the latest in Drupal technology. Software WORX also helped us define our monetization strategy and connected us with a key partner. All of these contributions formed the groundwork for a successful online venture.

Software WORX created an incredible package for Incipi, and despite an unexpectedly complex development process, they strictly adhered to their initial proposal and their quote. They devoted their time and resources to make sure that our goals and needs were met, and their partnership is a continual inspiration.

Material return to RedBubble

Joe's work with RedBubble optimizing the site for several key search terms has generated a material return to RedBubble and has demonstrated the power with SEO optimization.

Peter Styles, Managing Director at RedBubble

"This time last year we were capturing around 5 leads a day through our site. Since our site revamp with Software WORX, we are now capturing 50-75 leads a day, and it has only been a little over a month. This month, January, we will double our sales (offline and online combined) from the previous January (typically one of our slowest months of the year). We will also double our online sales from the previous January. I'm excited to see what the rest of the year holds."

In addition to constantly thinking of new ways to improve the look, feel, flow and functionality of my site, Software WORX is focused on increasing sales for my business. That's what I consider them a business partner, not simply a vendor selling a service.

Ryan Jordan, BuyforCharity.com

I recommend.. although not to my online competition!

Joe is a detail-oriented manager whose Integrity, knowledge and professioalism never ceases to amaze me. He is skilled in areas that the so called 'Guru's' of the internet have yet to discover. I can recommend Joe with confidence, as a 'specialist' to optimize your your online lead generation and web presence

Ian Howard, Business Owner of Creative Business Builders

Excellent value all round

SEO JOE is one of the most humble, kind and generous IT professionals I've ever met in my life. Not only does he know his stuff inside out, he has a knack of aligning technology to the right fit in your business to achieve your objectives and goals. I recommend Joe firstly for his integrity and deep commitment to your business and objectives, and secondly for his unique insight into how technology (especially web 2.0 and internet based service models) can be leveraged to help take your business to the next level. Excellent value all round.

David Cheah, Blue Ocean  Strategist at 2Significance

Someone who really knows his stuff, and knows how to impart it to others

The most striking thing about working with Joe is his passion and attention to detail. This guy has real wisdom and can cut to the chase fast, and with great sensitivity for those of us who might be a bit slower! Joe has extraordinary IT skills and he keeps us enthralled as he provides his professional advice in a breadth of areas. I would recommend Joe to anyone looking for someone who really knows his stuff, and knows how to impart it to others.

David Millar, Director of Future Perfect, April 28, 2009

This group is EXCELLENT.

Heather Villa, CEO at IAC Professionals, LLC

A core sales management and reporting tool at MailGuard

Joe was hired for his Sales Force (CRM) expertise and implemented a solution at MailGuard that remains a core sales management and reporting tool. Joe is personable, well presented an and all round good bloke and I highly recommend him.

Garry Hoover, CEO/CFO of MailGuard Pty Ltd, January 22, 2009

The project was a somewhat complicated site with many customized aspects. SEO was able to deliver as promised in the budget that they promised. They were always responsive to bug fixes and continue to service any bugs that we find even after the project has been completed. They are very accomdating, I would highly recommend them and am very confident in their abilities.

Dan Kirsche, Owner of Kosher Wines

Awesome provider. The project was professionally delivered in light-speed. Very responsive, extremely customer-focused and outstanding quality of work. We already hired Kathy's team for the next project.

Markus Heitkoetter,Owner, Rockwell Trading Inc

"For a minimal outlay, Software WORX helped me get my website onto the first page of Google for the keywords that were important to my business. They also helped setup a graphical dashboard that gives me all the information I need to really understand how the site is performing and who is visiting it. Silversix.com.au now has more visits each month than the total number of visitors in the two years since we went live!"

Dave O'Reardon - Managing Director of Silver Six

Kathy and her team did a great job! The project was finished as expected, within the time frame promised. I definately plan on working with her again!

Gray Talent site realized for Sound & Vision

Take your business to the next level

SEO Joe was recommended to TXM to carry out search engine optimisation on our site. Joe achieved top rankings for us on all keywords that we had focused on. (go to google.com.au and type in the keywords "lean consultants" and you will find our site at the top of the list www.txm.com.au!) Joe's charges are very competitive, but he was also prepared to go the extra mile and give us advice on further improving our page rankings and improving our website for sales impact generally. We would certainly recommend Joe and use him again if we required further assistance

Tim McLean - Owner

"I contacted Software WORX (then SeoEcom) in October of 2007 because I was looking for an experienced internet marketer. What I found was an experienced internet marketing company with employees filled with zeal! All staff members eagerly & promptly respond to all questions and go above & beyond to ensure my satisfaction.

I have worked with Software WORX for over 6 months. I contacted them with questions once, twice, and even ten times a day. Not a day goes by when I do not receive a response within a 24 hour period; usually sooner. I myself am very eager to read their well thought out & detailed answers. They explain what they are doing, why they are doing, and how I could even do what they are doing!

So far I have seen #1 placement for keywords most of my keywords in Yahoo; 159 keywords. Since our website has over 1200 SKU’s it took a while to make the necessary modifications that Google needed. But after a long 6 months (with Software WORX putting in extra time) we are starting to see Google results!

We look forward to working with Software WORX for the next 2 months and will continue using them for WholesaleKeychain.com and future projects."

- Jeff Foster, Owner of WebBizIdeas